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  • 125KHz T57 ProUSB Encoder
125KHz T57 ProUSB Encoder

125KHz T57 ProUSB Encoder

  • Product No.:2020512103414
  • Price:$90
  • Color:White+Black
  • Material:PC Plastic
  • Application:Hotel/Motel/Apartment/Flat/School/Office
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Introducing of 125KHz proUSB Encoder:
Encoder is the most important part of hotel lock system, it is working like a link between software and locks. Hotel add rooms and users in software, and issue cards through encoder, then key card can be distinguished by locks. Almost every steps of operate or run hotel lock system use encoder, from program locks and switches, to issue key card for customers. 

125KHz proUSB encoder, some hotels call it card issuer, card issue machine or programmer, it is a kind of reading and writing reader, that can write data to cards, and can read information from cards. 
There are 3 types encoder: 125KHz T57 Encoder, 125KHz EM Encoder and 13.56MHz M1 Encoder. 
125KHz T57 Encoder, works on 125KHz frequency, need to use with T5577/T5567 cards, and the lock type must be T5577 system.
125KHz EM Encoder, similar to T57 encoder.
13.56MHz M1 Encoder, works on 13.56MHz frequency, need to use with Mifare S50 cards(some people call it M1 card, S50 card or MF card), and the lock type must be M1 system.

* If just need to buy encoder, please provide us a picture of your encoder backside. We need a agent number on the backside label.

Encoder need to register before using, please provide the agent code on backside label to your lock system provider. 
Register steps:
1, Connect encoder to computer
2, Run proUSBHotelCardSystem
3, Enter the interface of " System Parameter Management "
4, Enter the interface of " System Registe "
5, Fill in 16-digit register code
6, Registe to finish

After registered, encoder start to working.


proUSB refers to Professional USB. With advanced driverlessness USB technology, without installing Driver File, It can be easily and conveniently used when there is Windows System in the PC with USB function.

 Easy lock configuration. Setup for Room No. and Clock isn’t needed to be operated. Only Read System Card (Authorized Card) three times over the Lock inductive area and use the corresponding Guest Card to open the door, Room No. and Clock is going to have accessed into Door Lock automatically.

● It is radical reform for proUSB System that having Lock Time kept pace with computer time theoretically in order to eliminate cumulative error (general speaking, the Time Difference between the lock and computer will be kept within 5 minutes). 

Individuated setup for the functions such as Alarm, Close Door Prompt, Do-Not-Disturb When Inside Lock etc.

Software interface use brand new Windows-7 Style, and almost its every Setup step accompanies with indication. Any kinds of report forms can be exported as Excel files which is convenient for users’ sorts of typeset requirement. 


Abundant Room Status is more obviously embodied in the aspects of Reservation and Hour-Rate Room as well as Group Reservation etc.

Abundant System Indication function.

● One side of the Card Reader is connected by the custom-made wire with button to ensure the right connection. There is “Card-laying Place” on Card Reader for laying the card that is very obvious to find.

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